Waddup Bloggers-its yours truly, Dank Dizzle Bank also known as Diesel. It’s been like forever since I haven't written something on the blog.... lol sorry peeps. I have been on another world tryna get my life together.... I don't really know what to blog about.... I was gona talk about how this past Halloween I saw my ex girlfriend at her worst which made me feel great about myself and the decision that I made.... but that would be kinda fucked up...anywhooo. The reason why I brought up my ex girl is because of Wale’s new CD “Attention Deficit”.... btw-(if you don’t have that CD then you missing out on great music)... but back to my story, Wale has this song with Rhianna called "Contemplate".  It’s a great song for any GOOD DUDE that has been scarred or played by a Susie. (like myself) lol but that’s besides the point…. GREAT SONG….. download it and BUY THE ALBUM… thanx and I promise I’ll have something good to say next time… until then…….DIESEL!

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