Mr. Kim Style Tips

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Style Tip #1: For you fellas out there, there's no shame in rolling up your pant cuffs and rockin' sneaks. Better yet rock some wallabees.

Style Tip #2 - Don't just be eco-friendly, be ego-friendly.

Style Tip #3: Open collar shirts on dudes is never a good look unless you're Tom Ford. And no, wearing a blazer does not make up for it.

Style Tip #4: Wearing the right pair of socks can sometimes make your outfit standout.

Style Tip #5: It doesn't hurt wearing your “Sunday's best" everyday. Suits aren't only for church. Life should be your church too.

Style Tip #6: Wearing skinny jeans don't make you skinny. Skinny jeans are for slim people to accentuate their form not to downgrade form.

Style Tip #7: Sometimes the most gentlemanly thing to do is to pick up the tab for your friends. Investing in your friends is always good.

Style Tip #8: Always carry gum. Never underestimate a conversation, sometimes it is your highest form of currency.

Style Tip #9: Wearing a cardigan under a blazer is not only ok, it's recommended. Just make sure it fits and blends well with your outfit.

Style Tip #10: Never let your accessories turn you into an accessory.

Style Tip #11: Giving yourself a haircut each week keeps you looking and thinking sharp.

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miss vivi . said...

whoa . i agree with every single one of those tips :) lol .

i love when guys know how to look clean and mature !!