"In Order to Survive, Gotta Learn to Live w/ Regrets"

        Purpose gives life meaning, and like myself many people are searching for theirs. It is a weird journey with no end in sight. Every moment is spent thinking and wondering if what you are doing now is relevant. The strange things is that many of us know or have an idea as to what we are passionate about, but are afraid to pursue it because of the opinions of others, the risk that is involved in the pursuit, or we are discouraged at how far fetched the dream is.

        There are some that haven't a clue as to what they want to do, instead they see the "dream" that we are supposed to have and pursue that. Life has no guarantees, a fact I learned at a very young age, the only guarantee is that it will change. I used to believe that success was inevitable and I would say things like "Man I can't wait until I get rich and can do whatever I want" as my brother nodded in agreement.

         As I matured i realized that in order to get rich one had to  work hard, be in the right place at the right time, and know the right people. In retrospect all is clear, and the choices we should have made stick out like the person you love does in a crowd of people. Unfortunately, when we are in the moment we are often clueless when it comes to picking the best choice. We sift through all of the clues and choose, hoping and thinking that the right choice was made, but one can never be sure. I prefer to think that the choice I chose it the choice that was meant for me to make for whatever reason.

         I realize that I cannot control all aspects of my world, therefore I save energy and allow things to unfold as they do, the way I believe they should. Success is not a destination but a journey, a journey that differs from person to person, meaning that one man's definition of success is different from another. I implore all to find your purpose, and create a plan of action for its fulfillment, it is more important than money, clothes, and other disguises bullshit appears as.



miss vivi . said...

wow, i think it's very admirable for you to just sit back and let things unfold .

its a very hard thing to do, buti also think it's the wisest .

nice post !

clarissa said...

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