Seth Young the Camera Man

 Age: 20 at the end of October
Hometown: Richmond, VA (Where there ain't shit to do but cook)

SOX: What got you into photography?
Seth: "My father. I loved picking through the photo-albums he had of his childhood, college days, trips around the world, and of course pictures of us (my brothers and sisters). I wanted to do the same. My father subscribed to the National Geographic too. I never read the articles but I would only look at the pictures. I am pretty sure I have "seen" every issue from 1974 to 2003. Im pretty sure that had something to do with it".

SOX: What inspires you?
Seth: "Seeing the works of other photographers. I want to capture the same reaction with others on my photos".

SOX: Favorite photographer?
Seth: "My Father, Jamal Shabazz and Boogie (Def. Check Them Out)".

SOX: What is your favorite song?
Seth: "Ha.. i hate this question.. but almost any Mf Doom song will do".

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