Players: Dank Bank, Wood, DC.

Mission: Searching for Susies'

Story: We started out the night planning to meet up with an estranged friend whom since being in a relationship has seemed to forget about the other men in her life at ESPN Zone. Well she never shows up so we head to the Uptown Hideout and chill with the AVI8TED fam. We leave after catching wind of some events around UMD. We get their meet up with Ron, Scott, Alley S. and friend. The bar we wanted to gain entry into was 21 and up so we devised a plan to get the underage and fake id-less S.O.X. Boys in. It works and we see many familiar faces ranging from Hampton U alum to some of my Morehouse brothers. We hit the bar because it is $2 drink night and we found out why. Those drinks were weak as shit! We eventually leave that overcrowded sweat box and slide down to Adams Morgan. Upon our arrival we are welcomed by the night haven of choice for DC's youth by witnessing an attempted robbery and the arrest that followed. Hilarity ensues. Funny enough it was some of the same dudes we saw up UMD. Smh...

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