Wait in line...WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?!?!

Why do people geek over these bands...I don't know. I admit that I am privileged in that I am well connected, never having had to wait in line, or pay,  so maybe I don't know what Im talking about. But clubs to me are WACK, basically a weekly contest where the men flaunt their "wealth" by buying tables with 15 of their friends, by bottles of Moet Rose or better and walk around with it letting everyone know two things: they are 21 and "got" money

The women or "slores" as my man Dev and his homie Dale say, wear tight, revealing, tacky outfits, along with their weaves, fake nails, masks of make up, and green contacts. They hang in packs hoping that one of the Moet sippers may invite them to their crowded table, let them dance on them, and politely open up the velvet rope telling them goodbye as they search for the next one. 

You might have seen me in LOVE (the club) on stage or at a table observing. Well this was my report, for I have seen and participated in this meaningless exchange since the age of 15 and have grown quite bored with it all. Maybe I peaked too soon, experienced too much at a young age. Very possible. Im an old soul like OG Jordan 4's.

-S.O.X Boy Wood out!

Star Trakk Dev x Dale 20 minutes of Fame :http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1013426651248

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