How can it be...

Verse 1
I can't say i was happy we broke up
i was puzzled at how we broke down

I broke down letting my eyes get misty
you were crying too, then my lips is where you kissed me

swiftly, you were g-o-n-e
a memory, like what you lose when your sixty

what gets me is i knew it couldn't last
this too shall pass, its so Chris Whitney

forgive me, i had placed you on the moon
without couldn't breath

in addition you where far away from me
cuz of the Space n all

i braced for the fall
bright leaves on the pavement

devastated cuz my efforts were wasted
patient, hoping time will heal my abrasions

with time taking

its time like a thief
stealing itself to spite me

angry at all women

i felt generous
and up is what i was giving

gone, reminiscing
about her hair thinking...

(Chorus) How can it be sooo long

To this beat below ...

wikipedia chris whitney if you dont know who he is

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