Beyonce = Bait

Tonight I was down Gallery Place trying to see Transformers totally unaware that Beyonce was performing at the Verizon Center...Good Move!

Saying that the bait was out simply will not suffice. I was chillin tho, thinking about a particular girl that lives in the Chi, but thats another story homies.

The best part is we never saw Transformers thanks to the Slizzy One, all we did was drive around going smack (smack = approach) at random skeeches (skeeches = girls)multiple times.

Like Sox Boy Dank say " we was just freestylin life".

SOX Boy Wood...Out!

FOR ALL DUDES----> Next time Beyonce has a show in your area get tickets, take your sister, female cousin, or any female that you are not romantically involved with, allowing you to be their and not seem gay, thus giving you the chance to go smack at the skeeches in attendance. If done properly you should leave with atleast 10 numbers.

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