AL Jenkins

AL Jenkins is a young, inspired, and prolific aspiring artist from northeast DC. His most important goal is to make his presence felt throughout the world through his words and to remain humble while doing so. Humbleness isn't a stranger to him and it shows through his easy going, humorous, and down to earth frame of mind. Writing has been a passion of his ever since the age of nine. Although he didn't start to write songs until about the age of fourteen, the years in between helped him to develop his sound as it is today. Originally his songs were poems. Rhyme schemes weren't typical and delivery was complex. Because of this, he admires artist like, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Common, and DC's own... Tabi Bonney and Wale. His Music is created to be inspiring, enjoyable, and uplifting. He never fails to incorporate an underlying message to, "The City", in most of his rhymes. He feels like it's a PRIVILAGE to be someone who can influence a mass of individuals. Influence that is of course for the better. Representation is the best way to expose, and at this point he feels like he can contribute to the exposure of DC and become one of many legit representatives for "The City".

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