Lupe the Killer

Every once in a while an artist emerges that just totally tranforms their respective genre. For Hip-Hop/Rap/whatever the fuck you call it, that guy is Lupe Fiasco. Lupe's first single off his debut album Food and Liquor was a song that to the untrained eye was about skateboarding, traditionally a white kids sport, but had an underlying message about life. I was immedietly hooked. In today's climate were everybody is snappin' their fingers and moving pie's of that white shit, it was refreshing to hear a dude just talking about something we could all relate to; life. I began to do some research on this kid. 1st I googled him a couple times finding a few sites here and their, finally stumbling on a site that had some links to download some of his mixtapes. I downloaded them joints. Put em' on my iPod and that was it. I was a goner. My mother told me not to experiment with drugs and I wish I would have listened because that shit was crack. I stayed in my room for like 3 hours bumpin that Lupe. My mother walked in to a room that looked like a scence from New Jack City, you know, the scence where Pookie is on the pipe. I was Pookie and Lupe's words were my poison of choice. I was captivated by his clever metaphors, vivid stories, and his ability to ride the homo. He has the abilty to switch flows depending on what the beat calls for, a rarity these days with such niggas like Soulja Boi Tell Em and Arab crankin shit. Simply put, Lupe is that guy....which guy....that guy!
- Wood

The Cool

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Revenge of the Nerds

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